Our story

Our story is all about making human connections.   

Hearing aids, although great in many situations, are not always reliable for most people during group conversations. Since hearing aids amplify every sound around you, it can be difficult to focus on what’s being said, especially when multiple people are speaking at the same time and there’s background noise, and in those situations, even reading lips can be difficult.

As most day-to-day group conversations are not accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing, many tend to avoid them, and that is exactly why we created SpeakSee!  

With SpeakSee we want to support the Deaf and hard of hearing with building connections and expanding horizons, and we hope we have created something that will make it easier for people to showcase their talents, share ideas, and be part of all conversations.

Behind SpeakSee

''When I tell people I grew up with deaf parents, they often say things like: ‘Oh... well how was that for you? That must’ve been difficult..’ However, I never felt or noticed that my childhood was much different from anyone else’s. The only difficulty I had was seeing how my parents weren’t able to follow some conversations, like during family dinners. 

I hope that SpeakSee will not only support my parents in the more challenging conversational settings, but also empower millions of other people with
varying degrees of hearing loss to participate in any conversation, 
no matter the environment.''

Jari, co-founder SpeakSee